Here are links to selected conference papers, podcasts, infographics, and published works of mine:

Featured Publications:

G20 Leaders Global Communiqué: The Buenos Aires G20 Summit: Right Place, Right Time, Dec. 1, 2018

Conference Papers:

LASA 2018: “El futuro ya llegó:” A discursive and institutional analysis of automation and labour reform in the Southern Cone (2016-2017)

LASA 2017: ¿La decada ganada u olvidada? The contested legacy of labour reform in Latin America (2000-present)

CPSA 2017: Recovering Democracy: Argentina’s post-neoliberal experience in comparative perspective (2001-present)

LASA 2016: Corporatism, Liberal Democracy and Post-Neoliberalism: The politics of redistribution in Argentina and Uruguay

Published Works:

Global Americans: Will Alberto Fernández be able to fix Argentina’s economic woes? Dec. 5, 2019

Argentina Project: Q&A with Gerardo Martínez, Unions at Work, Nov. 15, 2019

Latin American Program: Q&A with Jennifer Pribble, “A Chilean Powder Keg” Nov. 7, 2019

World Politics Review: Chile’s Protests Are a Rejection of the Excesses of Neoliberalism. Nov. 4, 2019

Argentina Project: Frente de Cambio, Nov. 1, 2019

Global Americans: The curse of resources, even in Argentina. Oct. 9, 2019

Latin American Advisor: Who Has the Edge Ahead of Uruguay’s Presidential Vote? Oct. 7, 2019

Public Seminar: The Problem with “Neoliberalism”, Sep. 19, 2019

Diagonales: El ejemplo Portugal, Sep. 9, 2019

Latin American Program: Uruguay: In the Eye of the Storm. Sep. 6, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Why Alberto Fernández Can’t Be Néstor Kirchner 2.0. Aug. 29, 2019

Argentina Project: Argentina’s Black Swan Primaries, Aug. 16, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Mercosur’s Delayed Case of Free Trade Fever. Aug. 6, 2019

World Politics Review: Will Argentina’s Immigrants Pay the Price for Macri’s Electoral Alliance? Aug. 2, 2019

Americas Quarterly: The Newcomers Shaking Up Uruguay’s Election. Aug. 1, 2019

Argentina Project: Is Cristina’s Brand Crisis? Jul. 31, 2019

Argentina Project: Q&A with Shunko Rojas, Argentina’s former under secretary for international trade. Jul. 22, 2019

Washington Post: Canada’s strong ties with Cuba could be the key to solving the crisis in Venezuela. Jun. 6, 2019

Latin American Advisor: How Has CFK’s Move Altered Argentina’s Race? May 30, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Can Roberto Lavagna Unify Argentina? May 16, 2019

RealClearWorld: Trudeau’s Scandals Undermine Canada’s Leadership on Venezuela. Apr. 18, 2019

Diagonales: “Sin inversión no hay crecimiento.” Mar. 27, 2019

Argentina Project: Pobreza Cero, Dream Deferred. Feb. 22, 2019

El Estadista: Entrevista, “Argentina es el único país qué pasó de desarrollado a estar en desarrollo.” Feb. 4, 2019

The Conversation/National Post: Canada’s disturbing indifference to the plight of Venezuelans, Jan. 27, 2019

Americas Quarterly: What Recession? Argentina’s Tough-on-Crime Minister Changes the Pre-Election Debate, Jan. 15. 2019

Argentina Project: A Onetime White House and Wall Street Darling, Argentina Feels Jilted by Bolsonaro Buzz, Dec. 5. 2018

World Politics Review: If Brazil Elects Bolsonaro, Venezuela’s Migration Will Get Even Worse, Oct. 17. 2018

Foreign Policy: Latin America Has an Open-Door Policy for Venezuelan Refugees, Aug. 23, 2018

Diagonales: Las Tres Patas de la Distribución del Ingreso en la Epoca de Macri, Jul. 6, 2018.

Argentina Project: Lifeline, Strings Attached, Jun. 28, 2018


Washington Post: After Morales resignation, a question for Bolivia: Was this the democratic will or a coup? Nov. 11, 2019

Latin American News Dispatch: Uruguay’s Left Loosens its Hold as Voters Grow Tired of Rising Crime. Nov. 9, 2019.

Latin American News Dispatch: Keeping up with the Kirchners: Cristina Returns to Office. Nov. 2, 2019.

Latin American Program: A Broadside against a Broad Front. Nov. 1, 2019.

South China Morning Post:Can Alberto Fernandez woo China and ease Argentina’s economic woes? Oct. 30, 2019

Yahoo News: Argentina braces for market reaction after Fernandez wins election. Oct. 28, 2019.

AFP: Leftist Fernández leads in Argentine poll. Oct. 27, 2019

Argentina Project: What Awaits Argentina’s Next President. Oct. 25, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Why Uruguayans Are Also in the Streets. Oct. 23, 2019

INFOBAE: El debate desde EEUU: en Washington apuntaron a la falta de precisiones de Alberto Fernández en una noche que dejó gusto a poco. Oct. 14, 2019

TeleNoticias (TN): La economía de Alberto Fernández: la hoja de ruta urgente que abordará si es presidente. Oct. 10, 2019

Het Financieele Dagblad: China’s opmars op de pampa, Sep. 3, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Three Reasons Argentina’s Primary Matters, Jul. 30, 2019

CBC Radio: Colombia, other Latin American countries strained by flow of Venezuelan refugees, says filmmaker. Jun. 10, 2019

CTV News: Interview re: Venezuelan Canadian relations. Jun. 9, 2019

iProfesional: Alarmados por borrador del plan de Alberto F, empresarios piden más precisiones sobre el dólar. May 24, 2019

iProfesional: Cristina, Kicillof y deuda: inversores coinciden con diagnóstico de Kicillof, pero dudan de su plan “Argentina primero.” May 13, 2019

Americas Quarterly: Can Cristina Kirchner Win? 3 Questions About Her Future. Mar. 29, 2019

INFOBAE: Quiénes son y cómo piensan los analistas extranjeros que consultan las multinacionales que invierten en la Argentina, Mar. 17, 2019

Global News Canada: U.S. military threat in Venezuela could help Maduro, experts say: ‘Trump is not helping.’ Feb. 6, 2019

CBC Radio, Canada and allies ‘placing a bet’ that Maduro supporters will desert him under pressure. Feb. 4, 2019

The Christian Science Monitor: Can Canada lead on Latin America? Venezuela poses a test. Feb. 1, 2019

Global News Canada: Political crisis in Venezuela as military backs Maduro, Jan. 24, 2019

Global News Canada: Here’s what is happening in Venezuela — and how Canada is involved, Jan. 24, 2019

Al Jazeera English: Latin America in 2019: Stories to watch, Jan. 8, 2019

Al Jazeera English: Argentina’s Macri raises taxes, axes ministries after peso plunge, Sep. 3, 2018


Argentina Project: LGBTQ+ Rights in Latin America

Argentina Project: ‘On the March’

Argentina Project: ‘Hard Labor’

Argentina Project: ‘Kilometro Cero’

Argentina Project: ‘The Abortion Debate’

Argentina Project: ‘Meanwhile, across the Río de la Plata’


Argentina Project: Argentine Unions, A Strong but Fractured Labor Movement

Argentina Project: Hard Labor, Labor Reform in Argentina

Argentina Project: Informal Settlements in Latin America

Argentina Project: Mano Dura?