About me

Aníbal Nicolás Saldías

My name is Aníbal Nicolás Saldías, PhD. I am a Latin America and Caribbean Analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit. I received my doctorate in Political Science at the University of Toronto. Previously, I was a Senior Researcher at The Woodrow Wilson Center for International ScholarsLatin American Program.

My areas of expertise are Latin American politics, political economy of development, and macroeconomics. My doctoral research is on labor relations in Argentina and Uruguay. In particular, the effect nineteenth century state formation had on the institutional design of corporatist labor law during the mid-twentieth century and how it impacts contemporary labor relations in the two countries. 

My views on Latin American affairs have been published by prominent outlets including The Washington Post, Foreign Policy and Americas Quarterly. I have also been interviewed by outlets like Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. All full list of media engagements can be accessed here. I have also presented my academic research at LASA 2016, 2017 and 2018.

My academic service included being the President and Cofounder of the Latin American Political Science Students Association (LAPSSA) at the University of Toronto (2014-2017). Also, I was an appointed member of the Latin American Studies Association Labor Section’s Graduate Student Council (2016-2018).

I can be contacted, via email.

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